Glamour: Making it Modern

Glamour. It's hard to define yet most know it when they see it. Today, glamour may still invoke the sophistication and refinement of the golden years of Hollywood art deco, but country, industrial and even nature glamour have joined the more traditional modes.

The 21st century has brought glamour and her sisters, decoration and ornamentation back into home design news. Today's most cutting-edge homes embrace design of every kind from every corner of the globe. It's a marriage of disparate styles that finds no contradiction. Glamour is in vogue in homes that are castles (literally) and in one-bedroom rentals at the fringes of downtowns.

Looking at homes recently featured in Metropolitan Home, Glamour, Making It Modern reconsiders them through the following sections:

concepts: looks at the defining general notions of Modern Glamour, such as sheen and scale,
objects: examines elements of home decoration which are inherently glamorous,
rooms: tours homes where everything comes glamorously together.

With a directory of the designers, some of the best in the business, and a list of resources for available products, Glamour, Making It Modern is purely inspirational and absolutely accessible.