Sending Out Your Best Silent Messages

When meeting someone for the first time, we make a statement about ourselves before we ever open our mouths. It’s our ‘silent message’—the way we carry ourselves physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Such quiet signals profoundly affect other peoples’ initial perception of us. Image isn’t everything, but it is important. A negative first impression creates roadblocks that can cut off relationships before they ever go anywhere. The good news is you can control many elements of your image with some insight and some effort. This 14-page program identifies the key elements of a first impression, and offers some skill-building tips on how to maximize yours. Topics covered include:. • A quick quiz to assess your strengths and identify areas of opportunity for improvement. • The five different aspects of who you are—your “Image Rainbow”—and how they impact your image. How to jumpstart your way to a better image!.