Cinnamon is a little girl who's different in a big way. She's a smart seven-year-old who likes to stick to her routines. But sometimes she gets stuck in these routines and can't stop until she gets them exactly right. Her parents say this is called ''OCD.'' But Cinnamon doesn't mind it too much, because even though she gets stuck on some bad things, she also gets stuck on many good things. Soon, Cinnamon realizes that the OCD is a part of her, and it is part of what makes her special!

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By Fran (The United States) · ★★★★★ · October 10, 2011
Stuck: author Rhonda Martin M.A.
Reviewed by Fran Lewis
“My name is Cinnamon and I have Obsessive –compulsive disorder. This sounds like a disease but it really is not. I often get anxious and sometimes my thoughts seem unreasonable to me, my fears and obsessions often cause me to repeat my actions... ...more