The Skin Care Ingredient Handbook

An ingredient book to help Skin Care Professionals understand what makes a skin care product work and helps to decipher which ingredients are best for different skin types!

The Skin Care Ingredient Handbook is a three-part reference for estheticians, skin care professionals and anyone interested in skin care. The first part consists of four chapters with topics that include:

14 key functions in skin cells that active ingredients are designed to help
The difference between natural and organic and how they are regulated
Controversial and sometimes confusing concepts such as green, sustainable and synthetic
Definitions of need-to-know concepts such as nanotechnology
New trends in the skin care industry

The second part of the book is an easy-to-read glossary of more than 1,500 of the most common skin care ingredients. Every glossary listing includes the common name, INCI name, common uses and an icon that lets you know the best use(s) for that ingredient.

The third part includes three appendices that have practical data for additional reference, including:
Simple definitions of key terms such as antioxidant
Cross-reference for finding a common name when all you have is the INCI name
Labeling regulations for cosmetic and over-the-counter (OTC) products and how to read the labels