Moussems et fetes traditionnelles au Maroc (French Edition)

In Morocco, each season is punctuated by special festivities. The succession of "moussems" (traditional religious festivals and family celebrations) lighten the monotony of daily life while strengthening the common bonds of the participants.
Moussems reflect a varied palette of traditions and beliefs, for Morocco - with its rich heritage of Islamic mysticism - is a land of saints, pilgrimages and fervent annual processions to the sanctuaries of venerated spiritual guides. From the north to the south the annual round of moussems fans out over the kingdom, each with their fairytale atmosphere of coloured tents, merchants and festival-goers.
In an atmosphere charged with the sweet scent of mint tea and the pungent odour of charcoal-grilled skewers of meat, the senses are enveloped in an overwhelming fantasia of sumptuous costumes, the glitter of heavy jewellery, the beauty of carefully made-up faces, haunting songs and vibrant traditional dances. In Morocco, the moussem reflects the cultural identity of rural populations which have remained faithful to their traditions.
Although the manifestations of this popular culture are gradually disappearing from the larger cities, their inhabitants still celebrate - nationally, or within the intimacy of their family circles - the historical and religious festivals so lavishly documented in the present work.