Heidi Weber 50 Years Ambassador for Le Corbusier 19582008

From the summer of 1958, when she first met Le Corbusier in Cap Martin, until today, Heidi Weber has worked tirelessly to popularize his work. She was the first to have certain pieces of Le Corbusier s furniture industrially manufactured, she published his graphic works, and she organized countless exhibitions devoted to him. She even had Le Corbusier himself design a building especially for her collection: the Heidi Weber Museum ("La Maison de l Homme") in Zurich, which opened in 1967; it is the only museum in the world exclusively devoted to the great architect s work as a visual artist. This volume documents these fifty years of activity with illustrations of more than one hundred of Le Corbusier s works from Heidi Weber s collection, including paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, tapestries, furniture, plans, and models. It not only tells the story of a woman of tireless commitment and vision; it offers a fascinating synthesis of Le Corbusier s work as a visual artist in all its myriad facets.