Ernst & Sohn Terms for Civil Engineers: Deutsch-Englisch/Englisch-Deutsch CD-ROM Version 3.0 (Civil Engineering) (German Edition)

"Beton" is German for "concrete", but what is "Ortbeton"? A good knowledge of German is usually not enough when it comes to technical terms. This is where "Terms for civil engineers" comes in.
The program may be used to look up terms whose definitions are unclear, and users can extend and alter the definitions found in the dictionary for themselves. A simple mouse click on the self-explanatory symbol bar switches between German-English and English-German.
There are two ways to find the translation of a word:
1. Typing in the first few letters of the word brings the user to the relevant position in the dictionary, while the letters entered remain visible in a window.
2. A search for all entries containing part of a word returns a list of hits.