Meta-Programming in Logic: Third International Workshop, META-92, Uppsala, Sweden, June 10-12, 1992. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This volume contains lectures and papers delivered at Meta 92, the Third International Workshop on Metaprogramming in Logic, held in Uppsala, Sweden,June 1992. The topics covered include foundations of metaprogramming in logic, proposals for metaprogramming languages, techniques for knowledgerepresentation and belief systems, and program transformation and analysis in logic. Particular topics include belief revision systems, intensionaldeduction, belief systems and metaprogramming, principles of partial deduction, termination in logic programs, semantics of the "vanilla" metainterpreter, a complete resolution method for metaprogramming, semanticsof "demo", hierarchical metalogics, the naming relation in metalevel systems, modules, reflective agents, compiler optimizations, metalogic and object-oriented facilities, parallel logic languages, the use of metaprogramming for legal reasoning, representing objects and inheritance, transformation of normal programs, negation in automatically generated logic programs, reordering of literals in deductive databases, abstract interpretations, and interarguments in constraint logic programs.