Distance Education program in the Regional State of Tigray, Ethiopia: Isuues, challenges, and problems of the primary school teachers distance ... in the Regional State of Tigray, Ethiopia

At this study, attempt is made to have a look into the issues that are challenging and affecting the program such as the Student Support Services, Self Instructional Materials (SIMs) distribution, attitudes of the tutees, tutors/counselors and the coordinators at the different levels in the region to the on going program. The findings of the study indicate that there are no appropriate provisions of student support services in the program. No feedbacks for learners' assignments, there is lack of clear assessment techniques. There is no any attempt to use the conventional schools' laboratory for practical courses in natural science and science is given for science knowledge's sake. Every learner does not get enough modules for the course s/he has registered. And as regards to the training of the tutors and coordinators, almost all are unfamiliar to the art of the program on account of the absence of training. Tutees attitude is affected by the prolonged duration of the program, modules distribution, and absence of clear cut information about the when of tutorial sessions.