Multi-Agent Systems for Society: 8th Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents, PRIMA 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 26-28, 2005, ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)

The Paci?c-Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents (PRIMA) is held - nually, and is one of the principal research forums in the practice and theory of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. Autonomous agents and mul- agent systems are computational systems in which several (semi-) autonomous agents interact with each other or work together to perform some set of tasks or satisfy some set of goals. These systems may involve computational agents that are homogeneous or heterogeneous, they may involve activities on the part of agentshavingcommongoalsordistinctgoals,andtheymayinvolveparticipation on the part of humans and intelligent agents. PRIMA is the ?rst Paci?c Rim workshop related to autonomous agents and multi-agentsystems. AlthoughwealreadyhaveseveralworkshopsinPaci?cRim countries, such as MACC (Multi-agent Systems and Cooperative Computation) inJapanfrom1991,andtheAustralianWorkshoponDistributedArti?cialInt- ligence from 1995,there has been less interactionamong the countriescompared toEuropeandtheAmericas. Since1998,thePRIMAseriesofworkshophasbeen conducted annually. PRIMA 2005, the ?rst of its kind to be held in Malaysia, followed a strong tradition of workshops that began in 1998 as a platform to enable researchers from the Paci?c-Rim countries to share and collaborate their research ?ndings in the areas of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. In additionto thetraditionaltechnicalpaperpresentationandposterpaperpres- tations there weretwo additionalactivities speci?cally for the bene?t ofdoctoral students, and industry participants: (1) A Doctoral Mentoring Session (2) Agent School The Chairs of the workshop take this opportunity to thank the members of the Local Organizing Committee, the Programme Committee, the Doctoral - lection Committee, and all the additional paper reviewers.