Zambia and the MDGs. Will the country attain them come 2015?: MDG 2- Achieve universal primary education

Zambia is a landlocked country in Sub-Saharan Africa with population of slightly above 12 million people.The country got independence from colonial British rule on October 24th 1964 with Kenneth Kaunda as first President. During his time in power the economy saw periods of growth and decline of the economy.The war against poverty and hunger has many roots and one of the tap roots of those is ignorance.In education we find the transmission of civilization.It is only education which consists of a number of enchantments which each will raise the individual and society to higher levels of awareness on things surrounding him/her/them and understanding other living things better. Education can actually improve the well-being of many rural people;it can increase and better their livelihoods which they value most reducing stress and vulnerability. The knowledge and learning skills obtained from education can go a long way in helping fight poverty and hunger. This book on MDG2-Achieve Universal Primary education,on Zambia,has given a clear picture through the data and statistical evidence that MDG2 in Zambia,a country of study,can be achieved by 2015 or not.