Urbanisation, Urban Poverty and Slums in India: A Socio-Economic Study of Selected Slums in Faridabad, India

Urbanisation has always been associated with shifting of poverty from rural areas and poor living in the slums. India has low level of urbanisation even from developing countries perspectives yet its cities face widespread prevalence of poverty, lack of decent housing and urban poor living in inhuman conditions. The book discusses process, patterns and problems of urbanization, prevalence and incidence of urban poverty, conditions of slums in India and Haryana, initiatives undertaken by government of India for solving slum problems, socio-economic conditions of slum dwellers in the slums and possible causes of inter-household differences in income and expenditure. Book examines migration pattern and demographic profile, ownership of assets, occupational structure and pattern of household income and expenditure of slum dwellers to understand economic conditions of slum households. This book will be very helpful for the students of urban and development economics, the planners, the policymakers, the researchers in the field of urban environment, urban sociology and urban economics, the students and for all those who are interested in realising the goal of slum free cities.