Surgical Treatment for Digestive Cancer in Japan (Special Issue: Digestive Surgery 2007)

Even though the pathological characteristics of digestive cancer are universally the same, there are differences in prevalence and pathogenesis between countries or areas, originating from social and cultural differences such as environment, food, or customs. Accordingly, the diagnostic methods, surgical treatment and prevention of digestive cancer vary among countries. Moreover, the health service system and socio-economic circumstances may also bring about many differences. In order to provide new and better approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of digestive cancer, it is very helpful to not only discuss the essential and common knowledge of the disease, but also to recognize these underlying social and cultural variations between countries or areas.There clearly exist differences in diagnostic methods, surgical treatment, chemotherapy and prevention between Japan and Western countries. Presenting the current topics of surgical treatment of digestive cancer in Japan, this publication intends to initiate a mutual exchange of updated knowledge as an important factor in achieving advances in basic and clinical research and much better clinical results.