Showrooms (Designpocket)

Stripping interiors of superfluous background detail in order to highlight "product" has been an overriding drive behind the current trend in minimalist shopping environments. From designer clothing to high street accessories, a battle is being waged to attract our disposable income and our social grouping by extending the notion of lifestyle to permeate literally everything we touch. But are they practical, does the psychology work? This text takes a look at some of the most recent and best of innovative retail design and lays bare the new notion of the showroom. Antonello Boschi takes a curatorial role in selecting over 50 projects from 45 architects worldwide that exemplify the new science and art of retail design. Plans, blueprints, sketches and many sumptuous photographs illustrate each of the 50 projects. The book is organized by project title with full listing of architects profile, contact details and web addresses.