Paving the Way to Europe

In view of the fifth enlargement of the European Union, Europe appears divided over the accession of Bulgaria and Romania. Clearly a most contentious matter and in apparent contradiction with the spirit and objective of European integration aimed at overcoming geographic and social divisions of the continent. Although both acceeding countries have always been culturally and historically connected with Europe and its idea, no other accession of new member states was more debated in public, politics, and academia. In contrast to most academic discussions and publications focusing on pre-accession strategies and negotiations, however, the European Dialogues Svištov takes a rather unique approach by contrasting the long existing connection between so-called Old and New Europe. In doing so, the various well-researched contributions, written in four different languages, do not limit themselves to historical, political and cultural similarities between the present twenty-five EU member states and the new acceeding countries Bulgaria and Romania. Rather this book is a look into the near future - what lessons are to be learned, or rather what has Europe learned - now that the Republic of Macedonia is a candidate country. Included also are most timely discussions concerning the potential candidacy of Ukraine and Russia.