Forecasting Analysis for Global Copper Clad Laminate Market: Provide the best solution for global CCL forecasting and can apply for PCB industry for future investment analysis

The Demand forecasting is one of critical reference by top managers to make the strategy decision for future investment. The copper clad laminate (CCL) is the key material for print circuit board (PCB) and it can apply for consumer, computer, LCD, communication, automotive, aero space, medicine and defense application. The total global sale for PCB in 2008 is US$ 48.2 billion. In this research, we use grey model GM(1,1), rolling grey model (RGM) and Bass diffusion model to analysis global CCL market by six market segments ?paper, composite, FR- 4, FR-4 High Tg, FR-4 halogen free, Specialty between 2001-2008. The forecasting accuracy of global CCL market by six market segment was evaluated along with mean absolute percentage error (MAPE). In this study, Bass diffusion model MAPE outperforms the others two models GM(1,1) and RGM for this global CCL market forecasting analysis and is recommend for global CCL market forecasting analysis.