A Study Of Data Retrieval Techniques Of Online Databases: Libraries of Central Universities in India

This study may act as a guide for online databases and interface design in the development of more accessible web products. Librarians caring about accessibility have information enabling them to make better procurement decisions and to challenge vendors through specific questions about their products functionality. The findings of this study may alert professionals who help online library databases users of assistive technology to the potential difficulties involved in searching specific library databases. The aim of this study was to examine the data retrieval techniques as offered and made available by online database providers and users expectation and feedback on this issues, different accessibility features of the online databases, different aspects of the feasibility of the sites of the online databases, different menu driven or command oriented retrieval techniques of online databases. Identification and evaluation of different data retrieval features on the basis of the performance among the online databases. Ranking of online databases on the basis of adoptability of data retrieval techniques and also to understand the university libraries using maximum online databases