Wörterbuch moderne Wirtschaft / Dictionary of Modern Business

This dictionary contains currently used terminology from business and industry which cannot be found in comparable form in any other dictionary. In order to assist the user in his or her own formulations, the individual terms are enriched with examples on usage ranging from model phrases to complete model sentences. In addition to business terminology such as job guarantee, bidding consortium, real estate bubble or brake on growth, the spectrum covered also includes currently used terms from such areas as information and telecommunications technology, energy and environmental engineering and other highly topical areas, such as fixed-line unit and their synonyms, genetically modified or GM corn and maize, crude (oil) inventories or climate change. Many words that are spelled differently in American and British English are listed in both versions. In addition, for a number of composite words the dictionary presents different possibilities of writing them - as one or two words, and with or without a hyphen. This dictionary is meant for all those working in business and industry who need to understand and convey business- and industry-related information in German and English.