A study to explore the extend to which Counter Productive Work Behavior is a shaped by Job Stress: Facts from the Financial Sector of Pakistan

Hauptbeschreibung This research aims to find out the impact of job stress on the counter-productive work behavior (CWB) of employees. Job stress is an important aspect and become a major challenge for the organizations because this job stress became the cause of employee negative behavior. This research is a causal and a cross sectional one. A sample of 352 employees from the banking sector of Pakistan was used for analysis. Job stress has been measured through different factors and their effect on employee CWB is examined and the study results revealed that the job stress among employees lead them somewhat toward counter-productive work behavior and there is a sufficient positive correlation exist between job stress employee CWB. These results are also consistent with the previous researches that job stress lead the employees towards CWB. This study reinforces the importance of employees work behavior which is essential for firms to be successful in the current era.   Biographische Informationen Hira Aftab is a Lecturer at Punjab University, did her BBIT (hons) and MBIT from Punjab University, scholarship holder, Gold Medallist of session 2011, author several research books and published articles in journals as well. Anam Javed did her BBIT (hons) and MBIT from Punjab University.