Cuentos desde el reino peligroso (Spanish Edition)

Ancho, alto y profundo es el Reino Peligroso, y lleno todo el de cosas diversas: hay alli toda suerte de bestias y pajaros; mares sin riberas e incontables estrellas; belleza que embelesa y un peligro siempre presente; la alegria, lo mismo que la tristeza, son afiladas como espadas. Tal vez un hombre pueda sentirse dichoso de haber vagado por este reino, pero su misma plenitud y condicion arcana atan la lengua del viajero que desee describirlo. Y mientras esta en el le resulta peligroso haber demasiadas preguntas, no vaya a ser que la puertas se cierren y desaparezcan la llaves.

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By Nikki (Cardiff, Wales, The United Kingdom) · ★★★★☆ · November 24, 2011
Goodreads librarians really need to work on Tales from the Perilous Realm. Some editions contain four stories, others five, and some also contain Tolkien's 'On Fairy-Stories'. I'm not sure they should all be combined.

Anyway, today this arrived -- since my first copy, most irritatingly, did not in... ...more
By Jonathan (Melbourne, 07, Australia) · ★★★★☆ · October 16, 2013

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By Joy (Australia) · ★★★★★ · February 10, 2015
My one and only Tolkien read of the year 2014 (that still makes me sad!), but the quality of these stories was worth a thousand! Within it were several treasure troves that I dearly, dearly loved. Roverandom, of course. Farmer Giles of Ham, and Smith of Wootten Major. Tom Bombadil's songs. . . an... ...more
By Chad (Zeeland, MI) · ★★★★☆ · March 22, 2015
I quite enjoyed this selection of Tolkien’s “fairy tales” and poems. Tolkien is one of my favorite authors, and I should have read this book years ago. I read it because it’s frequently referenced by Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor.

Roverandom is a children’s story about a dog who encounters ma... ...more
By Dovile (Lithuania) · ★★★☆☆ · December 14, 2012
This book is worth getting just because of Alan Lee's art (it's all in back and white in the paperback edition, but the hardcover might have some of the inside pages in full color). You'll also probably enjoy at least some of short Tolkien's works.

My favorites were 'Farmer Giles of Ham' (a reall... ...more
By Bryce · ★★★★★ · August 19, 2012
Overall, Tales From the Perilous Realm is one of my most prized books on my shelf. It is a great compilation of Tolkien's short stories, plus one amazing essay.

The first piece in the compilation is Roverandum, the story of a dog who is cursed by a crabby wizard and made into a toy dog. The book... ...more
By Fantasy Literature (The United States) · ★★★★☆ · May 23, 2013
There is a passage in one of the stories collected here that accurately sums up the content of the book itself. In "Leaf By Niggle," J.R.R. Tolkien describes a painting that the artist Niggle has been working on:

It had begun with a leaf caught in the wind, and it became a tree; and the tree grew,... ...more
By Hidefan (Barcelona, 56, Spain) · ★★★☆☆ · March 17, 2015
Cuentos Desde el Reino Peligroso es una recopilación de cuentos e historias que Tolkien escribió durante varios estadios de su carrera. El libro se compone por cinco historias:

-Roverandom: La historia de un perrito que enfada a un mago y es convertido en un juguete, yendo a parar a manos de un ni... ...more
By Rossrn (Nazareth, PA) · ★★★★★ · February 04, 2015
I am an admitted and unabashed Tolkien fan.

I've mostly focused on his "major" works, but over the holiday break I got Letters, Bilbo's Last Song, and Tales from the Perilous Realm.

Tales from the Perilous Realm is a compilation of five short stories, an essay, an intro, and an afterward.

This book... ...more
By Germancho (Bogota, Colombia) · ★★★★☆ · August 18, 2012
Compré este libro para leerle historias de Tolkien en español a Violeta, probablemente en un par de años. Fue mi primera vez leyendo Roverandom, y tengo que admitir que no me gustó mucho, me pareció demasiado inconexo y difícil de seguir. Espero disfrutarlo más adelante cuando lo leamos con Viole... ...more