Post-harvest Management of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.)

Key assets of the book The book is unique in the sense that it presents all the information of post-harvest management mango fruits, which is not available at one place hitherto. The book high lights the need for proper post harvest handling of fruits, the method of regulation of ripening, and storage, methods of preservation and processing, microbial spoilage of processed products, post-harvest diseases and disorders, highlights the quantum of post harvest losses and utilization of mango waste material and finally the need to establish an organized and sound marketing system for mango. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Post-Harvest Handling 3. Storage of Fresh Fruits 4. Fruit Ripening 5. Preservation and Processing 6. Varietal Suitability for Processing of Mango 7. Microbiology of Processed Products 8. Storage of Processed Products 9. Quality Control of Processed Products 10. Post-Harvest Diseases 11. Post-Harvest Physiological Disorders of Mango Fruits 12. Post-Harvest Losses 13. Utilization of Mango Waste Material 14. Marketing of Mango Fruits and its Products