La Biblia perdida: Un análisis de las escrituras hebreas y cristianas no oficiales: El Jesús desconocido · Visiones del Apocalipsis · Profetas y patriarcas (Spanish Edition)

In the centuries around the beginning of the Common Era, both the Jewish faith and the early Christian church drew upon a wealth of spiritual stories and sacred writings that were nonetheless never included in the Hebrew Bible or the New Testament. With deft and profound scholarship, J. R. Porter gathers more than 100 such texts—including what were purported to be words written by Eve herself as well as stories of the strange miracles and violent outbursts of the boy Jesus—and assesses their context, character, and importance. Each fragment includes an introduction and commentary alongside a translation of the extract, as well as richly evocative illustrations that underline the power, insights, and literary merits of these writings.


En los siglos alrededor del comienzo de la era común, tanto la fe judía así como la iglesia cristiana temprana recurrían a una abundancia de historias espirituales y escrituras sagradas que no obstante nunca fueron incluidas en la Biblia hebrea o el Nuevo Testamento. Con una erudición profunda y hábil, J. R. Porter reúne más de 100 tales textos—incluyendo los que se dicen ser palabras escritas por Eva misma y historias de los milagros extraños y arrebatos violentos del niño Jesús—y analiza su contexto, su carácter y su importancia. Cada fragmento incluye una introducción y un comentario junto con una traducción del extracto, así como ilustraciones evocadoras que resaltan el poder, las perspicacias y los méritos literarios de estas escrituras.

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By CarolynKost (North Palm Beach, FL) · ★★★★☆ · June 04, 2014
Porter is a renowned scholar of theology and biblical studies who has been affiliated with Exeter and Oxford universities. These "lost books" provide extensive and indispensable insight into the first millennium C.E., the formative era of both Judaism and Christianity. A helpful introduction desc... ...more
By Libby (Kokomo, IN) · ★★★★★ · December 25, 2014
The Middle east was like a seed bed for religious turmoil in the first century after Christ. There were several branches of Judaism, often at odds with one another and there were a number of varieties of Christians, differing in insignificant fashion or in major belief systems. All of these peopl... ...more
By Lizabeth (Port Saint Lucie, FL) · ★★★★☆ · May 26, 2013
One of my guilty pleasures is going into a brick and mortar bookstore to browse the new books. Since I have been hooked on ereading since I bought my first Sony, it is usually just a way of getting ideas for future purchases online. However, there are some books and types of books that demand to... ...more
By Kathleen (Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand) · ★★★★☆ · September 25, 2011
While I was working for the church, this was a book that I could read segments from on a regular basis, and a number of times I found interesting snippets that I could use in sermons or for the Study Group. However, circumstances have changed and there no longer seems much purpose in following th... ...more
By Marc (Mortsel, 01, Belgium) · ★★☆☆☆ · July 30, 2013
Bevat de Oudtestamentische pseudo-epigrafen (niet apocrief, wel toegedicht aan bestaande auteur), Nieuwtestamentische apocriefen, maar geen Dode Zeerollen-teksten. Algemene bespreking, geordend zoals de bijbel, met een kort fragment. Mooi geïllustreerd ...more
By Nathan (Camrose, AB, Canada) · ★★★★☆ · September 22, 2012
Interesting read. I learned quite a bit from this book. Sure is an eye opener. ...more