International Environmental Law : Droit International de l environnement/Internationales Umweltrecht (International Encyclopaedia of Laws)

With over 9,000 pages, this is the most comprehensive collection of environmental treaties available. The looseleaf work contains the texts of multilateral conventions and other multilateral agreements relating to the environment, including those which only partially deal with environmental matters. Whenever possible, the text of the official language versions of the treaties is published in English, French, German and sometimes Spanish.

Several key features make this an accessible and invaluable reference tool: A summary preceding each treaty provides the treaty name, date and place of adoption, effective date (for treaties not yet effective, the summary indicates the date of deposit of any relevant instrument), references to its publication, its original languages, available official translations, the depositary, references to amendments and related treaties also included in this collection, a list of the parties to the treaty together with the date of treaty effectiveness for each party, and the number of ratifications; an extensive table details the statuses of treaties in countries around the world for ease of reference; the treaties are arranged in chronological order; and the work includes a chronological and a subject matter index.

The summaries are updated as the status of the treaties changes or as more information becomes available, allowing the reader to easily stay up to date on a broad range of information.