Manual of Temporal Bone Dissection

The temporal bone is an anatomical jewel box of extraordinary complexity. Both the minuscule scale of its vital structures and their convoluted three-dimensional relationships make microsurgery of this region one of the most technically demanding of all operative endeavours. Unravelling the mysteries of temporal bone anatomy is the foremost challenge faced by every otologist. The goal of achieving perfect knowledge and facility will never be achieved. No matter how experienced a surgeon becomes, ongoing study of the finer points of temporal bone anatomy (observed both in the operating room and dissection laboratory) serves to maintain and improve his or her skill.  Dr Barbara has produced a highly useful Manual of Temporal Bone Dissection to guide exploration of the temporal bone. Its stepwise approach will prove useful for both the novice otologist and the experienced surgeon seeking to refresh his or her knowledge. Its orientation upon specific surgical procedures, rather than pure anatomy, enhances its utility for the practising surgeon. This written resource is an essential element of the three components needed for a high quality surgical dissection course: a lucid manual (such as that authored by Dr Barbara), informative didactic sessions, and anatomical dissection proctored by expert microsurgeons. The team at ‘La Sapienza’ are to be congratulated for their efforts in producing an outstanding educational programme.