Sales and Marketing

The second in a 12-title series, A Crash Course for Entrepreneurs, that coaches prospective and new entrepreneurs in sales and marketing for their business. Many novice entrepreneurs have little more than a brilliant idea and a pocketful of ambition. They may not be born sales and marketing gurus. So they want to know Now what? This book tells you exactly what you must know, in simple terms, using real-world examples. In a two-hour read, it walks you through the essentials of sales and marketing any product or service, and gives seasoned advice in a reader-friendly way. Learn the difference between sales and marketing, how to write a marketing plan, how to price what you sell, how to make the most of sales and marketing collaterals in all kinds of media, how to get and keep customers in our age of social networks and Internet tools, how to train and coordinate a sales and marketing group, how to create and use your brand and logo effectively, how to grow globally, and how to avoid pitfalls including sales burnout. Find out what other critical resources, processes and practices will help ensure your success. Whether your dream business is dog walking or high-tech invention, home-based or web-based, these serial entrepreneurs will save you time and trouble as you set up and run the sales and marketing of your new company. About the authors: Collectively, these three young Florida-based serial entrepreneurs have successfully started ten new companies across a broad range of sectors and frameworks, including finance, international sourcing, medical products, innovative dot-com initiatives, and traditional brick-and-mortar companies. Their Internet-based interactive business resource, Expert Business, provides an extensive range of tools for entrepreneurs, both aspiring and experienced. Planning templates, articles with fresh new insights, one-on-one advice, references, and syndicated news are just some of the offerings.