The Scientifically Proven Cure for Premature Ejaculation: Increase Your Sexual Performance & Last Longer in Bed Tonight

By using the techniques presented in this concise booklet you will: 1. last longer and increase your staying power (take control over your sex life) 2. avoid embarrassment (greater sex for you and your partner) 3. learn what methods can be applied that same night (and which need more time) 4. develop your own strategy to overcome PE that suits your sexual life style best (and learn why "PE" is really a group of different sexual problems that can be solved in different ways) 5. discover which methods are scientifically proven effective (and which are not) 6. rely on the expertise of a professional Swedish Psychologist and Sexologist (no mumbo-jumbo sales pitch here!) This is groundbreaking program for self-treating premature ejaculation is based on a careful review of professional methods as well as relevant books and scientific articles on the known facts about treatment for this problem.