Sukses Bisnis Toko Online (Indonesian Edition)

Synopsis: This book does not merely sell dreams of success through working at home. This book is not like other Internet-themed books that simply display a row of pictures screenshots that tire the eyes. This book is the complete package: to motivate those of you who have long been tempted to work at home, ignite your creative ideas to find a fun type of business, as well as guides you step-by-step to manage the business and double the market to reap bigger profits! In it, find: • The reason now is the time for you to emulate the success of those working from home. • The secret of conjuring your home business into something as spacious as mall and as complete as hypermarket. • The tips to utilise free online shop facility and social networks on the Internet to maximize business • Step by step tips to build, decorate, and manage online shop, ranging from displaying interesting display, prepare fascinating product descriptions, to smooth moves to attract potential customers. • Exclusive interview with the owner of a successful online shop that will further convince you to start building your own online store now! (