Step by Step Facebook (Indonesian Edition)

Synopsis: You can't start your day without logging in to your Facebook account if only to update your status. 250 million other people have the same symptoms and 7 millions among them are Indonesians. Interaction and high number o users attracts professionals, enterprise, small to international organizations to conduct branding and marketing activities for their customers and business partners. You can do these for free if you know the right way. #1 Everybody Wants To Know Facebook discusses features like profiles, page groups and the use for professional and business purposes. #2 Facebook For Professionals will guide you to use Facebook professionally. Use Facebook to assist you at work, share information, promote your products and services and personal branding. #3 Facebook For Business discusses how to use Facebook as a business tool to advertise, conduct branding and manage communities of loyal customers with national and multinational study case #4 Facebook for Application Development discusses the basic requirements to develop your first application and promoting it #5 Measuring Your Success discusses how to measure your success in social media. Include case studies of crisis handling in social media. Bonus Skilled in Facebook describes new features in Facebook. (