Mathematical Methods in Scattering Theory And Biomedical Engineering: Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop, Nymphaio, Greece, 8-11 September 2005

This volume comprises the papers presented at the Seventh International Workshop on Scattering Theory and Biomedical Engineering, focusing on the hottest topics in scattering theory and biomedical technology. All the contributions are state-of-the-art and have been fully reviewed. The authors are recognized as being eminent both in their field and in the science community. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: A Method to Solve Inverse Scattering Problems for Electromagetic Fields in Chiral Media (891 KB). Contents: A Method to Solve Inverse Scattering Problems for Electromagnetic Fields in Chiral Media (C Athanasiadis & E Kardasi); Nonlinear Integral Equations in Inverse Obstacle Scattering (O Ivanyshyn & R Kres); Homogenization in Chiral Elasticity (G Barbatis & I G Stratis); Shape Control and Damage Identification of Piezoelectric Smart Beams Using Finite Element Modelling and Genetic Optimization (E P Hadjigeorgiou et al.); A Fast Numerical Method for a Simplified Phase Field Model (C A Sfyrakis & V A Dougalis); On the Hidden Electromagnetic Activity of the Brain (G Dassios); A Decision Tree Based Approach for the Identification of Ischaemic Beats in ECG Recordings (T P Exarchos et al.); An Automatic Microcalcification Detection System Utilizing Mammorgraphic Enhancement Techniques (A N Papadopoulos & D I Fotiadis); Multidimensional Cardiac Models (D G Tsalikakis et al.); Mobile and Electronic Medical Support and Education for Dyslexic Students (M Virvou & E Alepis); and other papers. Readership: Graduate students, academics and researchers in industry working in biomedical engineering, computational biology, mathematical biology and mathematical physics.