Luxe Dubai

In only fifty years this little pearl-fishing village on the Arabian Gulf has transformed itself into a slick, mega-rich desert oasis of R&R, sun, sand, shopping and spa. Despite the forest of cranes, construction, and ever-burgeoning traffic, the opulence and pure chutzpah of this city of indoor skiing, the world's tallest building and first underwater hotel are undeniable. Want world-class chefs and a slew of smart shopping options? Fancy 4WD-ing into the desert at sunset for supper under the twinkling stars? How about a visit to a racing stables, balloon trip over the desert, helicopter over the city or picnic on a hideaway beach? Tempted? Add stashes of Omani silver, Arabic antiques, Indian furniture, or traditional beaded slippers and fabulously embroidered clothes all made just for you. How about if we put all that and a whole bunch more useful and fabulous stuff in one glam little pocket-sized companion? Shazam! LUXE Dubai. Go on Aladdin, rub your magic lamp... LUXE Dubai. An oasis of fab in a desert of blah.