10 Super – Fun Ways to Make Your Summer Last a Little Longer

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10 Super - Fun Ways to Make Your Summer Last a Little Longer
The school is out and the kids are home. Have some fun with this summer activities that you will enjoy.
1. Room Revamp - Redesign, rearrange, repaint
or redecorate your room. Make it into a space
that makes you happy. A little Change goes a
long way.
2. It's a Wash! - Offer to ash so eo e's ar
for a small fee. Or do it for free, you may be
surprised at the reward you received.
3. Chill Out and Read - Find a spot (under a
tree, or even in the tub), and read that book (or
ooks) you' e al ays
ated to. A d
re e
er it's ot a rae. Take your ti e a d
enjoy the journey the author is taking you on.
4. Camp Out! - Weather outside or in the living room, with tent or blanket; find a space, set up a camp,
and invite some friends (animals or otherwise) and have fun!
5. The Rural Mural - Find some butcher paper or an old sheet, grab few markers (or whatever - see
Water + Dirt) draw a mural of your city or town. Ask friends to help, or draw them into your artwork, or
proudly display your masterpiece in your room.
6. Water + Dirt = Art - There's othi g etter tha
ud for all ki ds of proje ts. Fi d a good spot, stir up
the soil with a garden spade (or large fork), add water, and let your imagination do the rest. Add dry
grass or straw as a binder, and let your mess - terpiece dry in the sun for a couple of days. BTW, you get
7. Solar System from the Store - Pick up a solar system at the store;
Mercury (green pea)
Venus (walnut in shell)
Earth (pearl onion)
Mars (cherry tomato)
Jupiter (10 - inch head of lettuce)
Saturn (8 - inch cabbage)
Uranus (grape fruit)
Neptune (large orange)
What kind of dinner can you make from your solar system? (If you want to include Pluto pick up a

8. Be Knotty! - There are hundred kinds of knots. Spend sometime this summer learning a few. They can
o e i ery ha dy. "earh Wikipedia for list of k ots.
9. Be Big About It! - Find a bright flashlight, prop it up with a stick (or have a friend help), and step
between it and large building or house. Watch yourself grow many feet in a few seconds.
10. It Fingers - Learn ASL sign language (at the 26 characters of the alphabet) and have the conversation
with a friend. The more you practice, the faster you will get.
Hope that you e joy these su
er a ti ities for kids' ideas a d help you keep the etertai ed.