1920s Bands -- Experience the Quirky Original Music of the 20s!

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1920s Bands - Experience the Quirky Original Music of the

Want to revisit or enjoy a real first taste of the roaring 20s for your wedding reception or party? Hire the
1920s Bands and relive or experience an era famous for its wonderful nonsense, cheerful entertainment
and quirky original music. These amazing bands are perfect for 1920s themed parties and special events,
setting the ideal atmosphere and feature, where your guests will be engrossed by the music's novel
energetic style.

When you've decided to choose the 1920s bands for your big day, there are certain factors you have to
consider. Here are five easy steps to keep in mind to get exactly the band you want:

Pick a type of 1920s band you need
Popular music in 1920s are Jazz and Blues-Ragtime. Hire a band that specializes in one or the other, or
both. Common types of 1920s band also include the Big Band, 1920s Orchestra, Dixieland Band, Concert
Band, and Combo and Solos. Depending on the occasion, pick the type that suits your needs or personal

Determine the size of the band
The venue, expected number of visitors and budget determine the right size of the band to hire. Ideally,
if you're having a private party with 30 to 70 guests, a 3-piece or 4-piece 1920s tribute band would be
the best option to go. If you're expecting over 100 guests, a 5-piece band or a complete 1920s Big Band
is the best choice.

Do some legwork
Check the band's references, level of experience, and their repertoire. Professional 1920s bands provide
their prospected clients with audio or video samples of their past performances. If you can, try to ask
one or two of their past clients and see if they're happy with the band's performance.

It's also wise to see them perform live at a certain function. This gives you an actual experience of the
level of quality and skills as a band, offering you also an opportunity to get a feel if the band is really
right for your audience.

Request/Book your songs
Have a list of your favorite songs in the 1920s and give it to the band. Most professional bands
appreciate it because it offers them a clearer idea of specific songs you want to hear. However, there
may be some songs that the band may not have played before. Usually, the band will accommodate
your requests. Just be sure to give them enough time to practice.

Hire a booking agent
Save more time and spare yourself from a lot of hassles by hiring a booking agent. You will still do those
things above, but the agent will make things a lot easier for you. The band-booking process can
sometimes be tedious, which involves preparing a contract, insurance, constant follow-up, and other
important details that need to be prepared.

Get started hiring the best 1920s Bands for your special event. Enjoy that wild and roaring rhythms and
crazy lyrics that have made the 20s a memorable period of music and entertainment.

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