20 Exciting Fitness Career Options

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20 Amazing Fitness Career Options
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Careers as a Personal Trainer
Careers in Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning
Careers in Triathlon Coaching
Careers in Fitness Nutrition Coaching
Careers as a Heart Rate Performance Specialist
Careers as a Sports Nutrition Specialist
Careers as a Biomechanics Specialist
Careers as a Functional Training Specialist
Careers as a Speed, Agility and Quickness Specialist
Careers as a Martial Arts Fitness Business Pro
Careers as a Cross Training Specialist
Careers in Muay Thai Fitness
Careers as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist
Careers as a Yoga Instructor
Careers as a Pilates Instructor
Careers as a Core Conditioning Specialist
Careers as a Kids Nutrition Specialist
Careers as a Group Exercise Instructor
Careers as a Boot Camp Instructor
Careers as a Sports Injury Specialist

Careers as a Personal Trainer
Recently named "One of the Best Jobs in America" by CNNMoney/PayScale.com,
personal trainers change bodies and lives. A lucrative career path even in chal enging
economic times, working as a personal trainer offers a variety of financial, personal and
professional rewards.
Beyond training clients one-on-one or in smal groups at the gym or health club, the
wealth of opportunities to put your personal fitness training certification to good use
Offering kids, teens, women's or senior's programs to serve special populations
and create a niche in your local market
Training athletes or smal groups who are preparing for upcoming races or
Providing nutrition and training seminars that are focused on topics including
weight loss, protein/carbs/fats, maintaining muscle mass, eating local,
vegan/vegetarian diets
Developing a series of online training programs and seminars for a subscription
Writing ebooks or regular books on specific training topics such as kil er core
workouts, training for a triathlon or the four best exercises for women in their 40s,
for example
Partnering with other similar pros and/or vendors at health fairs, schools or
community education facilities to offer the best health and wel ness information
for your community and target audience
Working with physical therapists to provide personal training for injury or il ness
Providing information/seminars/short-term training sessions to col ege students
looking to build or maintain fitness while in school

Develop a focus on personal training for celebrities in your community and then
expand from there
Add personal training to your current work as a boot camp instructor, yoga
teacher or any other job
In addition, if you'd like to expand your personal training knowledge, you can also
earn degrees in fitness and nutrition topics through a university such as Wexford
University online.
If you are interested in obtaining a personal training certification or learning more
about related business opportunities, you can visit
http://www.nestacertified.com/personal-fitness-trainer-certification/ for the latest on
becoming a certified trainer.

Careers in Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning
The world's fastest growing sport and a global hit among both athletes and viewers,
mixed martial arts or MMA involves strength, power, agility, quickness, and mental and
physical toughness. While the NFL, MLD, NBA, NASCAR and MLS actual y saw losses
in their fan bases over the past several years, mixed martial arts continues to grow in
global popularity. MMAPayout estimates that the UFC fan base is about 65 million
strong across the globe.
This means that opportunities for MMA careers are also skyrocketing. With the right
training and certification, you have a fighting chance to use your mixed martial arts
training for business and career success.
You can, for instance, use this customized fitness training to work as a mixed martial
arts coach for amateur or pro athletes. Likewise, it's great for martial arts school owners
interested in diversifying their student population, fitness pros competing in MMA or gym
owners who are interested in offering MMA-style classes to members in a group fitness
or smal group setting.
In addition, MMA has seen a recent surge in interest from women: About one-third of
the 18- to 49-year-old mixed martial arts viewership comes from women, according to
Sports Business Daily. Since there are fewer programs designed for women,
customized training for special populations provides a great business and revenue
opportunity for trained entrepreneurs.
Mixed martial arts training is also excel ent for self-defense classes and workshops,
cross-training for other sports, competitions and athletic endeavors, and for weight
loss/wel ness programs, since MMA focuses on the entire body as wel as
cardiovascular and strength training.
Mixed martial arts can be a portion of a fitness class at a gym or community center, and
the training principles can be used with men and women of al ages.

If you prefer online work, you can offer ebooks or webcasts on mixed martial arts
principles. This type of training also works really well one-on-one in personal training
situations or with smal groups. If you like flexible seasonal work, you can offer outdoor
MMA boot camps in the summer, and then enjoy your winters off.
The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) offers an online training and
certification program at http://mixedmartialartsconditioningassociation.com/. The unique
program also offers assistance in creating and launching a mixed martial arts training
business. The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association was developed to bridge the
gap between fitness training, sports conditioning science, MMA training methods, and
direct application from the ring, octagon, mat or cage.

Careers in Triathlon Coaching
Do you love to run, swim and bike?
And would you love to turn your passion for triathlons into a long-lasting career?
If so, your timing is better than ever.
USA Triathlon reported membership of more than 550,000 in 2012, dramatic growth
over the preceding decade, while the Sports & Fitness Industry Association estimates
that participation increased by nearly 60 percent from 2008 to 2011, when nearly 2
mil ion people took part in a triathlon. From Ironman races across the globe to super
sprint local triathlons, this unique three-part event continues to draw interest from
athletes of al levels.
Careers in the popular multi-sport competition today include:
Coaching amateur athletes through a local gym or health club
Training other coaches who are also interested in triathlon work and coaching
Creating podcasts or webinars with your top tips for triathletes
Focusing on injury prevention or recovery techniques
Sports psychology designed to help athletes master the mental part of
Heart rate zones and training to manage the demands of three intense
cardiovascular events
Working with one or two elite athletes training for international competitions
Nutrition for successful triathlons
And more