2000+ years of lost knowledge

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The war between heaven and hell that O O E can
argue with! This is Knowledge from another world. Today,
Their is no book like this in YOUR world!

The hidden knowledge Jesus was crucified for seeking to share

2000 + years ago.

If you are given the right knowledge, YOU will do the right
YOU EVER WERE told any of this
With the right Education, ALL CRIME, Wars, Addictions ,and
social ills WILL E D! This will jackhammer YOUR world to
pieces! With every line you READ, WE ALL, will be a step closer
to heaven on earth! You will see, It is, EXACTLY as Jesus said!
YOU, Can only claim IG ORA CE once. REPE T or Rebel?

(Right after this small note) To set you right for this journey,
I ask you to first watch a few google videos to get us on the right page. It is called
First things I need to make clear is this book might not be in
the order YOU like.
:-) IT IS OT A EASY JOUR EY! I know, Their is still
some screw ups, some Repeats, and some borrowed material.
This is FREE! I am OT selling anything! I DO, handle

criticism well! In Fact, I I VITE IT! (-; The only plot is in the
widest of views. Only, YOU, can decide, If I lead YOU wrong. I
am OT SEEKI G followers, I am not selling, I am informing.
I am seeking Your judgement. Each thought is a puzzle piece, a
JACK HAMMER, A mind puzzle and tool that will bring you
into a totally new world of your mind! It is Where
Prosperity, Happiness and Adventure,* Simply beyond all
human comprehension, today, but Forever, & ALWAYS has
lived. It is the path less taken, ***** THIS BOOK IS ****
******************A GUIDING LIGHT! ************************
What will YOU do you do when you discover everything you have
ever believed is a lie? That your entire life is a huge delusion of
complete and total insanity? That this entire world was put
together backwards & upside down? That YOU have been played
like Dorothy on the Wizard of OZ? What if it was all done to
support an entire class structure that feeds off your health, wealth
and happiness? What if all crime and social ills were to be
discovered to be rooted in this exact U
ATURAL class
structure we all learned to live think in? What if it all was the root
cause of this nut hut hell we call home? WHAT IF;
YOU; could end it all today, FOREVER,
Just by seeing what is
REALLY, right under your nose! BUT;
What if I so completely over whelmed you with
new thoughts and concepts that your whole
world will just fall apart and a new world would
It all starts right now *YOUR* HUMA GOD IS BOR !
One conscience human can do thousands of times more than all the
forces of nature combined!

Through the Billions of years, no tornado, earthquake, flood,
blizzard or any other force of nature but man has built a car,
computer or wrote a book, song or even a word. This is the best
mother nature can do? A lion feels no guilt when he kills and eats a
baby deer because they lack conscience, It is also proof, we are not
fully evolved. We still cling to the survival of the fittest and this
dog eat dog world. Slavery, wars, crime and every single social ill
is proof. Every single one of us needs to WAKE UP! What would
be the reason of having us if we were not destined to control our
futures and universe for our own benefits? The facts are totally
obvious when you can step back and see the full picture! Our entire
reason and goal of human existence is to build heaven on earth!
Only our own personal ignorance is stopping our evolution. When
we become fully conscious of who and what we truly are, the
universe will be ours!
I AM NOT An; American, Arab, Indian, Asian, black, white,
Mexican, Republican, Catholic, Jew, or ANY of the thousands of
categories people are fit in. I AM A one of a kind, totally unique,
independent, free thinking and acting, ORIGONAL Human
being!!! No one knows, thinks or acts like me and all the crazy
categories YOU try to fit me into only limit YOUR view. Every
single group you view another with is narrowing your view. Their
is no 2 people exactly alike on this planet, though out all human
history! YOU are a one of a kind! No 2 people have or will ever
feel the same thoughts, feelings, pleasures or pain of anything the
same way. And by throwing up all these walls is idiot tools to
numb your minds and not see the big picture. We only see all the
"A POINTS" and it destroys "THE POINT" we all are HUMANS,
created equal and independent. YOU have no right to rule or be
ruled unless YOU both agree and choose it! It stops worlds of new
knowledge. This fact is way beyond profound the more you think
about it.....

This is not about anarchy, overthrow, riots, violence,
or revolutions. This is about TOTAL replacement!
Honesty over dishonesty, Heaven over hell!
This is about EVELOUTIO , OVER ALL
Today, you will discover,
Reality really is right in front of your face and,
Existence DOES exists. It is so simple but so
How can you claim to love Jesus if you won't walk in his
foot steps?

Today, NO ONE DOES, and the entire world is proof. What we are
doing now is not working, No one has any idea how to fix it
because everyone is in a 20 ' deep hole and blindly, WE just keep
digging. Today, Every HUMAN is being called out to answer for
their existence. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! This is YOUR ladder
to climb out of your hole, take a look around and, Then, YOU can
help to put mankind right!!
This is OT what you will learn in bible school....or any school!
TODAY, YOU will learn see with TOTALLY Honest, open, eyes!
YOU will see what all happened while you were asleep. Give me
some time! The truth IS SO totally profound, so Obvious, And SO
POWERFUL, YOU will wonder why we missed it? TRUST ME,
YOU will see, It all was written years ago!
ALL your life until today, was criminally STOLE from
you. IT WAS YOUR FAULT! God gave you only one life
and you have taken the path of least resistance. ALL your
problems are the direct results of YOUR, OT THI KI G,

OT taking YOUR; life, duties, and your responsibilities as
a human being serious!

IT IS YOU, who has disrespected
Gods house.
For well over 2000 years now, We as a human race has been bred
to be comfortably numb so The lines can remain blurred, YOU
keep a huge pole in your eye so you can not see, real reality.
The lines are always clear in the land of HEAVEN, WERE REAL
TODAY, Your Journey starts and ends RIGHT HERE. You
are in a war with no war, You face An Enemy you can't
see and will stand against weapons straight from hell.
You will need no guns, no leaders, no troops, or
followers, No blood, riots, or destruction. KNOWLEDGE,
EYES, AND HONESTY are the only weapons needed!
YOU WILL Simply step out of your old world and into the
land of Heaven, prosperity and happiness! This is the
TRUE path of Jesus! Welcome to the only battle of the
for who owns YOU, P.S.

This will be the first time in your entire life, YOU will know,
Without any doubt. What is Good and evil, Right and wrong and
what Sane and Insane REALLY AND TRUELY IS!
In 42 B.C. Cicero said;

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it
cannot survive treason From within. An enemy at the gates
is less formidable, for he is known and he carries His
banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within
the gate freely, his sly Whispers rustling through all the
alleys, heard in the very halls of government Itself. For the
traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar
to his Victims and he wears their face and their garments,
and he appeals to the baseness That lies deep in the hearts
of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly

And unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city,
he infects the body politic So that it can no longer resist. A
murderer is less to be feared.
When Man evolved into human consciousness and out of
natures guidance, we adopted a thinking, reasoning brain, it
made us responsible for our actions where animals "just did
and reacted." When the 10 commandments were introduced to
guide man. The split of the minds from the old and new
testament of the bible is self evident as society`s were at
crumbling and at war. People were living in chaos, it forced
man to discover a new way of thinking for survival. In the old
testament, People just reacted, They killed and They
Slaughtered. In the new, We had to think about our actions. In
the new world of Human consciences, Realaty set in. Most
longed for the simple guidance of instinct called mother nature
and we still do today. This talks about the time before Jesus
and the old mentality of the day were we followed the gods in
our heads or the rulers who evolved sooner. Then to hear
"Jesus spoke with such authority" people listened. This was
when everyone was used to following the elite. Jesus came
along seeking to evolve his fellow humans out of the brute force
of the ruling class and into self control and personal
responsibility that threatened the ruling elite. The bible is full
of profound statements teaching this kind of thinking and
showing their false mentality. You can study the bible and test
my views, I do challenge you to! The first leaders of the day
were simply stepping in and taking the path of least resistance
to a life of power and control and Jesus was blowing their
game! This was why both Government And religious leaders
had him killed on the cross. For a political crime of expressing
and confronting the different reality's. It is why most cheered
and was relieved when he was killed. The path could be lost.
The ruling class always need and use deception, coercion, brute

force, fraud, and murder, to rule and dominate the human
race. It is the world of good and evil the bible speaks of and
who Jesus always confronted. Man has been seeking heaven
now for over 2000 + years and to evolve out of this thinking
hell we built for our minds ALWAYS looking out there, when
Jesus was teaching it's in there.. Make no mistake, the ruling
elite still, will not like or let this reality happen without a fight.
It is why the middle east rulers are killing their people. YOU
are being trained to SEE THEM, out flank, out class and out
compete every single one of "THEM". You will see and
understand evil's tactics, & tricks of survival. Good or evil
will be as clear as night and day. These tools are so honest, so
practical and so profoundly powerful as to allow you to change
the world with one finger! They can not, and will not survive
unless they evolve or hold us all down! It is them who will need
to change, To step into the light. In ignorance, they took us all
to hell. This whole world is Upside down, backwards, and
totally, dangerously, insane from a REAL, open honest and
wide point of view and you will see it all today. Most all great
thinkers throughout all human history have seen this but didn't
connect all the dots for everyone. This book is the thinking
tools and skills needed to start your future, To connect the dots,
for TRUE Prosperity and Happiness! Truth, honesty and
reality is being bred out of us at an alarming rate! Our future is
on the line. Our kids will not see a future. If you fail to wake
up, The whole human race will be wiped out.
Centuries ago, a small group discovered they could take the
roll of a leader and live a life of comfort and respect from their
neighbors simply by dominating them into obedience and our
whole world is built on this. They took the roll of leaders to
replace the gods that dominated mans minds just like all the
Animals on this planet. Mother natures guidance is needed for
survival and man was evolving past the fight or flight thinking
of animals to become the kings of earth. The more you will

study and think on this, the more you will have to agree The
"burden" of consciences is totally obvious when you can see
history from a completely different point of view, This will be,
and is long over due,
THE GREAT AWAKE I G. This entire world will flip right
side up, the way Jesus was seeking, as Heaven on earth is born!
The facts WILL show, This IS the light of truth, Honesty and
the human way! It is what YOU were supposed to know!
Everyone can now look around this world and see, this isn't what
we signed up for and their is more than the two choices of
Republican or Democrat, Democracy or Socialist or ANY camp
they choose for you. You can shut up and deal with it or just don't.
How about learning to change it in the most PROFOU D, and
honest ways possible, using the tools of honesty, integrity, and
respect for human life?
Today, YOU live on a marshmallow with no solid foundation
and you get tossed, used and abused because of it. But
Over the centuries this most powerful of mind tools has been
used as a tool of TOTAL mass destruction on every single level
of human life. This whole world is in shambles not because the
human race is evil but simply because we have been fed a false
philosophy all our lives to support a class structure. I don't
know about you but I was born a human and being dominated
and controlled by others goes against my better judgment, my
human nature & best interest as who can claim authority over
my life without a conflict of interest? My goal is to prove to
you, Your life philosophy is the root essence of every single
social, mental and physical ill of the entire human race, and
this holds true through out all human history. YOU are the
fixed center of your reality! o one can get, give or take the

power they seek and crave in this powerless world, It is all set
up this way! O O E U DERSTA DS THE ROOT
ESSE CE OF POWER! power is what you need to control
YOUR life, It is a full time job.
From starting a war, to fighting in it, to dominating another, to
spanking a kid to a speeding ticket, to killing another in a
crime. It all is about the concept of power and philosophy that
dominates the individual, humans mind. o one is taught
critical thinking and wide scope accounting or the use of this
power tool to dominate the destiny of your one and only life.
From the lowest of life forms to the highest of the human race,
all are placed their simply because our minds placed them
where they are, over or under you but not equal to you. The
rulers and Authorities thrive!
All our leaders today have relentlessly abused their power and
control philosophy to take from us. But these shells of humans
live in all social classes and positions of life, it is the elements of
criminal thinking that grows and mutates with every success.
Today, this whole system is jumping through hoops seeking to
get you to follow, sacrifice, contribute and obey, to keep the
status going. Their is only 2 distinct philosophies on this planet
and universe and apply to all human life forms. Their is a
realty with independent and honest thinking like Aristotle or
Plato's philosophy of leader type thinking of governments and
religions where reality is what the educated elite wish it to be,
"It is not knowable to us". We all are the proof. Divide and
conquer is the rule of success in this crazy, dangerous and
upside down hell we all call home. We are morally, ethically
and spiritually dead, or this world would not be THIS world.
The whole concept started centuries ago, probably started
when someone divided the lands and made borders to defend,
like chess pieces on a board, I don't know, I wasn't there? but,

How could whole fields of knowledge Not see REAL, reality?