2011 Mazda 6

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2011 Mazda 6

For the facelift, Mazda replaces the mid-sized petrol engine of the original model with a 2.0-litre MZR DISI petrol that is more fuel-efficient, livelier and faster. This high-revving direct-injection petrol produces a maximum output of 114 kW/155 PS at 6,200 rpm and 193 Nm of maximum torque at 4,500 rpm. It injects petrol in a finely atomized spray directly into the cylinders, and when this vaporizes it lowers the combustion temperature. This is so effective at suppressing knock – usually a problem with direct-injection petrols – that a high compression ratio can be employed, which delivers power, high acceleration and good fuel economy.

Customers can choose between Mazda’s precise-shifting six-speed manual transmission – with higher third, fourth and sixth gear ratios for fuel efficiency at higher speeds – or a new five-speed Activematic automatic gearbox with manual shift mode. The five-speed automatic transmission has newly optimized torque-converter characteristics that deliver an optimal combination of acceleration and fuel economy. This powertrain provides comfortable yet sporty driving while using just 7.6 litres per 100 km (combined) in the sedan and hatchback versions.

Despite producing 6 kW/8 PS and 9 Nm more torque than the naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre it replaces, the new DISI powertrain with the manual transmission uses just 6.9 litres fuel per 100 km. And its new single-nano technology catalyst is positioned immediately downstream of the exhaust manifold to ensure quick catalyst activation and emission reduction at cold start. With the DISI engine, the sedan and hatchback each produce 4.2 percent less CO 2 than the outgoing 2-litre petrol, and meet Euro Stage V emissions standards.

All three derivatives of Mazda’s powerful and sporty MZR-CD 2.2 turbo-diesel engine are quieter-running at cold start with newly revised fuel-injection timing, revised EGR control and glow plugs to assist combustion.

For the High and Mid-Power versions, engineers reduced the outlet diameter of the turbocharger’s turbine impeller from 41.5 mm to 36 mm, which reduces turbine inertia by 24 percent and increases torque. As a result, the High-Power version provides substantially improved sixth-gear acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h. The Mid-Power version now has 10 Nm more torque where it is most needed — in the 1,400-1,600 rpm range — for an exciting acceleration feel.

The Mazda 6 facelift Standard-Power diesel offers a great combination of lively power and low fuel consumption. To achieve this, torque was increased by reducing the outlet diameter of the turbocharger’s turbine impeller even further (from 41.5 mm to 32 mm), thereby reducing turbine inertia by approximately 51%, and by reducing the outer diameter of the compressor impeller itself from 57 mm to 47 mm, thereby increasing torque by 30 Nm in the 1,400 rpm to 2,400 rpm range.

This delivers high torque at low- and mid-range engine speeds, and great engine response. The Standard- Power version produces 95 kW/129 PS of maximum output at 3,500 rpm, and 340 Nm of maximum torque, while using only 5.2 litres of fuel per 100 km.

The Standard-power derivative is not only efficient and frugal, but cleaner as well. It produces low amounts of CO 2 by using an optimised shape for the cavity in the crown of each piston. This makes the combustion chamber more efficient at using drawn-in air and reduces CO 2 by about 1.2 percent versus the original crown shape. Engineers also raised this version’s transmission gear ratios which, when combined with this engine’s quick response, delivers better acceleration feel while producing only 138 g/km of CO 2 (sedan/ hatchback).

At the top of the range, the Mazda 6 facelift offers an updated Sports Grade model – for all body styles. Special features unique to the Sports Grade include a larger brand symbol in the front grille with body coloured wing-shaped mouldings extending side ways, a new headlamp design that holds the newswivel – type adaptive front lighting system, wing-shaped position lamps, silver coating for the facelift’s new fog lamp bezels, rear combination lamps have clear inner lenses and LEDs. On the inside, customers get a bright, silver-hairline, full-gloss finish on all decoration panels and blackout meters with metallic-look rings for sportiness and refinement. A special leather upholstery in either black or brown leather, or black half leather, is available. The fabric portions on the half-leather seats have a vertical pattern that creates a neat, sporty look.