2016 Annual Meeting presentation

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2016 Annual
Dinner Meeting
The St. John Community
Foundation’s Mission ....
is to promote programs that
strengthen community and
family values & enhance the
quality of life for all
members of our community.
Tonight’s Agenda
1. The Foundation’s
Past, Present & Future
Thanks to Aaron & Lisa
for donating the use of
their business, the Fish
Trap for this meeting.
We will spend about 15 minutes on each topic, field questions from the
audience for the panelists, and invite further discussion and opportunities for
signing up for various projects after the presentation of topics.
2. Three crisis situations facing
our youth and environment
3. Four solutions to prepare
and respond to pending crisis
Lonnie Willis: How we came to be…
The St. John Community Foundation was
formed in 1989, to help St. John
recover from the massive destruction
caused by Hurricane Hugo. It was a
community commitment toward a
common goal of serving the needs of
the island’s residents that started with
a core group of St. John business
owners and concerned citizens.
Lonnie: How the St.
John Accommodations
Council came to be and
an explanation of the
TAP Program: How it
and what the AC does
with its 50%...
Our shared goal of
boosting the TAP
Program; Introduce
Kristen & Kathy
The SJCF mission has always been to
promote programs that strengthen
community and enhance the
quality of life for all members of
the St. John community.
Over the years, our focus expanded
to include after-school programs,
anti-crime initiatives, festivals,
political forums, senior and youth
programs, community facility
enhancements, recycling, and
community sports and arts
programs and more
Harry Daniel on
Red Cross and Dial-A-Ride
…and some of SJCF’s
first projects:
Children’s Carnival
Crime Stoppers