3 Proven Steps To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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My boyfriend and I broke up and I was Ok at first. But as
time has passes I realize how much I miss him and how
good we were together. Is there anything I can do to get
his attention and get him back?

That's a great question and you'd be surprised how often this
situation occurs. Either way it doesn't matter how the relationship
ended or who ended it, emotions are going to be high. Try not to
worry too much about the way you're feeling now because it's
completely normal given your present situation.
However, you need to be mindful of the fact that your emotions
could make or break your chances at getting back together with
your ex boyfriend. Unfortunately as we go through life, there are
no courses in school offered to us on how to deal with a break up.
Often times we stumble around in the dark and hope we get it
right. Having said that, I have good news for you. The best way
to get your boyfriend back is to develop a simple blueprint and
stick to it and I've got a 3 step action plan outlined for you
Step 1- Time Apart
The first part of your plan involves giving your ex time and space
away from you and the drama of the break up. This is called the
no contact rule. The reason that this is the first and most
important rule is because it allows you to reflect on your
relationship with him while at the same time giving your ex
boyfriend the appearance that you're doing just fine without him.

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exercise is to show him that you can survive without him and
start to make him second guess his decision to break up with
Get more details about the no contact rule here
Step 2- Comfort
Get involved in your family and friends lives again and reconnect
with people you may have otherwise lost touch with, but at the
same time refrain from unloading all your relationship problems
on them. Take the time to talk freely with them and accept their
support, sympathy and advice for you.
Now this part isn't really part of your plan, but you should take
the opportunity to ask them if there was anything, in their
opinion, that lead to the demise of your relationship. Just be
careful though. If they hated your ex then expect most of the
blame to be placed on him.
However, if they liked him you could find yourself taking the
brunt of the blame. You're likely to hear some things that maybe
you couldn't see before but now you can because you can step
back and look at things in a different light.
Either way you need to take some time and reflect on your past
relationship. It's important, during your reflection, to strip the
emotion out of everything and look at your relationship
Step 3-Communication
When it comes time to talk to your ex boyfriend, let him make
the first move. Take it slow and easy at first so you don't come
off as desperate and needy. Keep the conversation light and don't
bring up the past. If you want to talk about your relationship and
what went wrong, it's best that you wait a while.

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to bring up the issue about getting back together because he'll do
it all on his own. In fact he'll be dying to get back together with
you because he thinks he made a mistake in breaking up with
you. If you take anything away, let it be this: the less effort you
put in now, the less you'll need to do later.
Most people won't do anything with this information because they
think it's too simple to work, but you'd be surprised how powerful
this technique really is.
Now that you've read and understand the 3 step action plan for
getting your ex boyfriend back it's time for you to take action.
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