3 Tips on Making Rechargeable Batteries Last Longer

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3 Tips on Making Rechargeable Batteries Last Longer
In this electronic age where almost everything needs some sort of power to run, knowing how
to make a rechargeable battery last longer will go a long way. Just imagine how annoying it is
when you want to capture that precious moment only to find out that your digital camera run
out of batteries! Don't let that happen again instead learn from these tips.
Switch to Rechargeable NiMH
As compared to rechargeable alkaline batteries, the NiMH
batteries last longer before it goes to the recycling center. NiMH or
Nickel Metal Hydride are perfect for rechargeable batteries
because you can charge them for thousands of times before it
totally dies out. However alkaline batteries have the ability to
maintain their power longer but is not that conducive when it
comes to recharging. You can get to know more about your
different choices for NiMH batteries when you go to

Charge Right Away

One cardinal rule when it comes to rechargeable battery is to charge right away as soon as the
battery meter declares that you need to charge it. When a rechargeable battery is often fully
depleted, that could mean that your battery can be short-lived. You don't have to worry about
electricity costs when recharging NiMH batteries because it only requires a small amount of
electricity to be charged. So charge as often as needed!

Freeze those Batteries

Yes- it's true that when you put rechargeable NiMH batteries in the freezer, they will last longer.
In fact, these batteries keep 90% of their charge when stored in the freezer. However, you have
to be very careful about condensation or moisture damage. So when you do store your battery
in the fridge, make sure that you seal it properly. Moisture can cause the battery to corrode
making it useless in the long run. You would want to avoid this by using sealed freezer bag when
storing batteries in the freezer.