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3D Printing Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and
Forecast by Technology, Material used and
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3D Printing Market to 2025
3D printing also referred as additivem anufacturing (AM), is a technique used to create a 3D object from a digital
file. The 3D object is created by successivelayering of material under computer control as additive process. Any 3D
geometricals haped object canbe prepared using this process. A virtual design of 3D object is made using software's
such as Computer Aided Design (CAD). From the year 2012, the 3D printingmarket got a global acknowledgement
and continued to spur the manufacturingand sale of 3D printing devices.
The high degree of accuracy of manufactured products from optimal use of raw materials is a major factor
bolstering the global 3D printing market. Using this technique, multiple materials can be employed for printing
same object allowing to customize the product. In addition, it provides ample of savings on tooling over the
traditional manufacturing techniques. A significant reduction in manufacturing cost and time can be achieved by
applying 3D printing technique in productionalong with efficient logistics management. Additionally,human errors
generated during development of an object can be minimized, thereby, delivering high quality output. The
throughput of products is expected to increase post-implementation of 3D printing technique in manufacturing
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3D Printing Market to 2025
High production costfor an individual user is one of the factor hindering the global 3D printing market. Additionally,
the setup and software requiredfor implying 3D printing is costly, therebyfurther restricting it's to a limited number
of users. Additionally, the production of large objects consumes more time with 3D printing as compared to
traditional manufacturing methodsshowing the inability of a 3D printer to produce in bulk in quick time, thereby
restricting the global 3D printing market.The lack of skilled labor capable of operating 3D printing devices coupled
with the lack of assistance from channel partners, thereby making it difficult for unskilled labor to operate the
device, hindersthe g lobal3D printing market.
The 3D printing market is at a nascent stageand is expected to expand at a robust rate as varioussectors, such as
healthcare & medical, automotive& aerospace, are endorsing this technology. Also, 3D printingtechnology offers
numerous benefits over the traditional manufacturing techniques, and is thus expected to replace traditional
techniques during the forecastperiod. Increasing development of 3D scan and 3D print technology for better print
quality are further expectedto catalyze the global 3D printing market.
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