4 Steps to Improving Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

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4 Powerful Ways to do Market Research and Uncover a
Profitable Niche for Free
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As a keyword research expert and founder of one of
the leading keyword research services on the inte
rnet, I can say with firsthand experience that key
word databases are not the first place to look nor
should be even considered when conducting market
research. Here's why.
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Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners a
re often misled or misguided on the topic of how t
o properly conduct market research that uncovers a
profitable niche.
The path most unsuspecting entrepreneurs take is b
y ending up at keyword tool or database to begin t
heir search.
As a keyword research expert and founder of one of
the leading keyword research services on the inte
rnet, I can say with firsthand experience that key
word databases are not the first place to look nor
should be even considered. Here's why.
The primary keyword databases that are currently a
vailable to the general public only give search co
unts on a limited amount of data that accounts for
1% - 2% of the actual searches people do around t

he entire world. They can only predict (emphasis
added) the real majority of searches that are bein
g done on the big five search engines such as Goog
le, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Ask.com which hold 97%-98%
of the keyword data.
Most importantly, keyword research only shows what
keyword phrases people are using in the search en
gines to search for answers, not what people actua
lly buy on the internet. Just because a group of
people search for specific terms or brand names do
es not mean that's what they purchase. That's a k
ey distinction many entrepreneurs and business own
ers tend to gloss over.
When looking for a profitable niche marketplace, y
our primary focus should be looking for proof of a
group of hungry and rabid buyers that want to exc
hange their money for a service or product (inform
ation, physical or digital). Without this crucial
qualifier, you may have the greatest product in t
he world, but you may be lacking a market to sell
it to.
This article will present a number of great source
s to look at which will give you a running start t
o uncover a truly, profitable marketplace exists b
efore you go for the gold and put all your resourc
es into a website, product creation or expenditure
s toward some sort of online property.
Once you establish that you have located a market
that contains signs of adequate commerce moving th
rough it, you then have a worthy reason to look fu
rther into a keyword research service to find out
what keyword phrases people use to find the market
you have chosen.
Let's begin looking at how to identify a profitable

One of the best ways to find signs of a truly prof
itable marketplace is looking for a magazine in th
at industry. If a publisher has enough money to p
rint and circulate a full color magazine, there ar
e most likely advertisers that support the funding
of the magazine's ability to circulate all the co
pies which most likely means there are sales being
made by those advertisers.
Now, this may bring you to question whether there
is too much competition in a marketplace with so m
any advertisers selling in a magazine.
In fact, it's a great sign to have competition whi
ch means there is an adequate amount of customers
to sell to and a portion of a sizable pie to be ha
d in that marketplace. If there is very little co
mpetition, you may (1) not have adequate product b
eing sold in that space; or (2) not have a marketp
lace to begin with. The larger the competition is
, the larger the piece of revenues you will be abl
e to grab.
Without having to leave your seat, you can hop on
over to Magazines.com and looking through the numb
er of different categories to find a profitable to
pic or industry in which to start an online concer
One of the things you'll want to focus in on is th
e number of subscribers each magazine has and how
long the magazine has been in print for stability
Make a list of magazines you want to look into and
then go hunting for them at one of those large de
dicated newsstands that covers just about every ma
gazine on every topic.
To get a better look at what people are buying in
the online world, you will need to ultimately deci

de whether you wish to represent physical or digit
al products.
There are two incredibly huge marketplaces that ar
e massively trafficked, move a lot of product and
are great places to find what people are really bu
Let's start with the first huge marketplace...
At eBay, you can look through a list of the most p
opular products people are buying through auctions
or from eBay stores that vendors have setup. To
see a visual path on how to locate the most popula
r products, please use the reference below to view
the extended version of this article.
Another really big marketplace is Amazon and it's
not just for books. You can find just about any p
roduct and name brand that is a mover and shaker.
Again, look at the most popular products in those
categories that catch your attention.
If you wish to sell products of the digital nature
which does not require inventory and which usuall
y carries high profit margins for affiliates, you'
ll want to check out the Clickbank digital marketp
lace that ranks product sales from highest to lowe
st sellers in each category.
Just browse through categories at Clickbank.com an
d you'll instantly find the top sellers of digital
info products, software and subscription services
which are located right at the top listings. See

also reference section below for a link to the ex
tended version of this article for visual aids and
more detailed guidance.
Once you gather the adequate market research, you c
an do one of the following:
* Create an online store that ships out physical p
roducts and merchandise (requires inventory)
* Sell merchandise through eBay auctions or their o
nline stores (requires inventory)
* Create a site that represents vendors as an affil
iate (requires no inventory)
* Create your own product, service or software for
a digital product (requires no inventory)
Having used at least two of the four places above,
you can be assured that you have conducted proper
market research to uncover "proof positive" what
people are buying and, thus, a profitable niche ma
You can then quickly build out a non-complex site
with a simple product offering, find some low cost
keywords to use in a Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click
campaign with a minimal spend of $50 to test the
market and see if you have a winner.
If the initial test results pan out, meaning that
you pulled a profit from your test, you can invest
more energies, conduct more extensive keyword res
earch and expend more advertising dollars. If the
test results do not pan out, find another market
until something sticks.
I believe this should arm you with enough informat
ion to get you moving toward finding a market with
bottomless profits.