4. types of farming systems

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  1. Types of farming systems
    You should understand that there are many different types of farming system around the world
    You should have case studies of how different farm systems around the world function and vary
    You should use and apply the human and physical factors in a located context
  2. Types of farming – some case studies
    You are to conduct some research into the following farming types for a short (3 minute!) presentation to the rest of the group. Your presentation should be accompanied by a hand out for everybody to use to revise from.
    The areas;
    Tropical commercial Plantation agriculture in Malaysia
    Extensive commercial pastoralism in the Pampas
    Irrigation agriculture in the Nile Valley
    Intensive subsistence farming in the Ganges Valley
    Intensive commercial mixed agriculture in the Netherlands
    For each you will need not more than 3 slides on where it is, how the farming functions as a system, and which major human and physical factors affect the systems, how it affects food supply and production. – Time allowed 25 Minutes
  3. What limitations or problems are there with this map?
  4. The factors affecting farming types.
    Short presentations.
    Farming types – what types are there?
    Around the world agriculture maps - For each type of farming in Waugh pages 438 to 447:
    How does it work?
    What technology is available?
    What are the major influences? – diamond ranking.
    Case study and location.
  5. Odd One Out review
    Temperature, Inheritance, Slope
    Arable, Commercial, Pastoral
    Technology, Government, farm size
    Ploughing, GM crops, Nitrate fertiliser
    Lots of labour, capital intensive, extensive