5 Impactful Ways of Blog Business Marketing to Increase your Business Revenue

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5 Impactful Ways of Blog Business Marketing to Increase your
Business Revenue

Are you a business owner? Does your business have blog? Most company thinks that a blog have
a very small role to play in marketing your product and services. They think that maintaining a
blog is a cost to them thus they don't use Blog Business Marketing as part of their strategy for
marketing. We will explain to you on how you can Blog Business Marketing as part of your
marketing strategy for your company to increase the sales/product.
Why make your blog a part of your marketing strategy? Well, there are many reason of doing so
and the most obvious one is because the blog is where your message of your product/services can
reach out to your potential customers. Secondly, blogs will drives sales. You can talk about the
product details/review and in the end putting a sales page link to the product where customer can
purchase it.
Blog Business Marketing #1 - Using Solid Foundation
Most of the business owner made a common mistake where they don't have their own domain. They use
the free hosting such as Blogger or WordPress. This is not right and you should have your own URL and
best is to use a self-hosted WordPress blog. The main reason why is when you are not using the self
hosted, basically what you write (your content) does not belong to you but it belongs to the free hosting
site. You need build your blog using a solid own foundation.

Blog Business Marketing #2 -
Know your Audience
The 2nd Blog Business Marketing strategy that you
should take note is knowing your audience. Before you
even start your blogging, you need to know who are your
writing intend to. You wouldn't want your blog to be
catered are read by non intended audience. If you have
more then one audience, you can considered on making
more then 1 blog and target you related audience.

Blog Business Marketing #3 -
Promote your Content
Publishing your content is not enough. You will also need
to promote/market your content so that the right people
are know of it. Here is some actions that you can take to
promote your content. You can setup a auto responder,
where the reader can signup for the RSS feed or email to
get the latest news on your company's product. You can send out email to them if there is any new
products from your company. Aside from that you can leverage on the social media to share your content
across. Make sure you include social sharing buttons with each blog post and other content to enable
readers to share your content.
Blog Business Marketing #4 - Consistent Blog Update
Another Blog Business Marketing essential tips. People tend to fail on their blogs as they lack of the
consistence to update their blogs consistently. You can plan for 2 blog post per week to keep you blog on
going. This action will also helps the search engine optimisation where the search engine will know that
your blog is alive.
Blog Business Marketing #5 - Track your Marketing Results
At the end of the day, what matter most is the results. You must know how to measure your results. Here
is what you can do. you can plan your metric and content creation to integrate with the ability to capture
the necessary data to produce you the results.

What's your thought about the above tips? Is it helpful? If you need more tips to help your online marketing
business, make sure you check us out @ Blog Business Marketing