5 New Must-Have Items for Your Stores This Winter

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5 New Must-Have Items for Your Stores This Winter
Consumers make their shopping sprees in the winter, but so do retail store owners. With so
many brands looking to move wholesale hip hop clothing at the end of the year, you have to be
on the lookout for deals you might not land again. Looking at the hottest new merchandise,
here are five must-have items for your retail shops this winter.
1. Diamond Supply Beanies
Every winter, there is a rush for the hottest beanies
on the market, but they can never arrive fast
enough. This year, the new line by Diamond Supply
Co. appears to be the winner. Between the camo
fold and navy checker fold options, the new entries
are worthy of the buzz.
2. King Antique Pants
Finding pants that are not too dressy yet a bit smoother than jeans can be a tough assignment.
King Antique's new line offer storeowners a very affordable way to get pants into your shops.
They look better than jeans but they are not dressy by any measure.
3. Booger Kids Sweatshirts
Don't sleep on your sweatshirt selection in 2015. The wholesale hip hop clothing scene has seen
many new entries in recent years, but Booger Kids is one of the elite new brands. Focused on
good times like the best streetwear brands, Booger Kids offers fast style with eye-catching
4. THC Socks
Outside of San Diego and the most tropical destinations, there is going to be a lot of quiet time
spent indoors this winter. Stylish THC socks offer your customers a way to kick off their hi-tops
without losing any of their style in the process. Socks by FBF NBA and Benny Gold offer you a
backup plan if you can't get your first choice.
5. Benny Gold Hoodies
Benny Gold has hot hats and socks on display, but the hoodies from this brand are some of the
most dynamic new arrivals at Steal Deal. Your next order of wholesale hip hop clothing should
involve some Benny Gold merchandise. It will catch the attention of your customers as soon as
it goes on display.
This winter, don't be left out in the cold on the wholesale deals. Let Steal Deal stock your retail
shops for 2015. For more information or to peruse our selections of the latest Hip Hop clothing
please visit StealDeal or contact us at 323.581.8051.