5 Reasons Why You Should Use Coupon Advertising

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Coupon Advertising
There are many ways to advertise your business. One
of them is through coupon advertising where
businesses use discount coupons to invite customers
to try the products and services.
Advertising one's business is vital in order to gain
revenues and profits and to further grow the business.
There are different types of advertising that allow
businesses to endorse their products and services in
order to lure more clients to the stores.
Businesses try to different gimmicks to advertise their trades. One of the ways to do that is
through discount vouchers, which is growing popular over time. As a rule of thumb, the bigger
the discount, the more effective it will be in generating new sales. However, giving out big
discounts, sometimes, has adverse effects and businesses actually tend lose money.
Coupon advertising is like hitting to birds with one stone. Businesses promote their business in
order to expand it, while gaining sales from new or old customers making purchases. One way
to get your discount coupons to your target market is through MyPhoneVouchers.
MyPhoneVouchers is an app that publishes discount coupons to its subscribers. The app service
is unique as it posts discount vouchers based on the location of the subscribers. This will ensure
that you are targeting people within or near your area. MyPhoneVouchers provides a new way
of advertising to businesses. This coupon advertising is a new platform for businesses and it
gained popularity among business owners and advertisers who wished to endorse their
products and services.
Below are the five primary reasons why you should use coupon advertising and why it is
considered as an effective way to promote your business.
1. To invite more new customers
Most businesses use coupon advertising in order to gain new customers. Most people are
attracted to discounts and are motivated to try new products and services when they think that

they can get it at a fair or lower price. Businesses, sometimes, have to bow down a little in
order to attract new customers.
2. To encourage consumers to buy more
Another purpose of coupon advertising is to encourage the consumers to buy more. Studies
revealed that buyers tend to purchase more when they are given discount coupons. This is due
to the fact that their purchasing power was increased and they think that they will be able to
buy more things with through the same amount. Thus, consumers tend to spend more. This
way, businesses also benefit as they gain more sales and profits.
3. To retain existing clients
One of the benefits of coupon advertising or using discount coupons is to retain old clients and
to instill loyalty from them. Sending coupons to your existing clientele is a courteous way of
saying that you appreciate doing business with them. Moreover, it is cheaper to give out
discounts to loyal clients than to new customers. Little perks like this will not hurt the business
as long as the business owners and advertise use discount vouchers wisely.
4. Customers expect discounts
Did you wonder why pizza parlors often publish out discount coupons on newspapers? This is
because customers have grown to expect coupons from businesses once in a while. Another
example is the mall-wide sale at times. When businesses do not do this, customers think that
they are paying too much and will look for another similar business that offers discounts.
5. To exhaust stocks
Coupon advertising is also a good way to promote your business and exhaust all of the
remaining stocks or even hard to sell items. If there are products or services that were often
overlooked by consumers, you can promote or advertise these through discount coupons.