5 Reasons Your Small Business Can Benefit from IT Outsourcing

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Can Benefit from IT Outsourcing
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When it comes to Tulsa IT companies, it can feel overwhelming to choose someone you know you can
trust. But, it’s a decision that is also becoming more and more popular. Many businesses are now
steering away from having in-house IT services. Instead, IT service companies are becoming more and
more popular, allowing companies to outsource the services. But why are managed IT solutions
becoming more popular in the first place? Business owners are beginning to realize the benefits they
can provide.
Tulsa IT Company
Let’s take a closer look at how NetLink Solutions, as a managed IT service in Tulsa, can help out both
small and medium sized businesses through outsourcing.
1. You Control the Cost
If you’re a business that has a hired IT support representative on staff full time, you’re paying them for
that time, whether they are actually ‘doing something’ or not. An IT support worker typically only works
when there is a problem, or when someone needs assistance. So, hiring out through local based Tulsa IT
Company allows you to control the cost of those services. In other words, you only pay for what you get,
when you need the necessary services. You don’t have to only pay for someone’s time, if that time isn’t
being utilized well.
In addition, you also don’t have to pay for the cost of training and labor if you hire out to an IT service
provider. They are already knowledgeable and experienced in what they do. Not to mention most local
IT companies offer onsite and offsite support.
2. Small Businesses, Big Action
Many large corporations have in-house IT support because they can afford it (and it can still be pricey).
Most small businesses can’t compete with that kind of constant support, because they simply don’t have
the funds for it. By outsourcing a qualified managed IT services provider, small businesses can ‘act’ like
the big ones, getting the same kind of service for a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win for businesses on a
3. Stay Focused on What You Do
IT service companies in Tulsa have experienced providers on staff, who are extremely qualified to fix any
of your technical problems. Obviously, when an issue comes up, you want it taken care of as quickly as
possible, and that’s what a great IT service can do. How does that really benefit you, though? More than
you might realize. Think about it this way: The sooner an IT professional comes to your business and
takes care of the problems you might have, the sooner you can get back to work. Focusing solely on your
business, and the things that make it run efficiently should be your highest priority - not IT glitches.
Trusting a professional to handle these problems can allow you to focus on the more important things,
without worrying about your technical system.
4. New Technology? No Problem.
Having an in-house IT employee on your staff can mean months of waiting when it comes time to
implement any new technology. That employee will have to train themselves, learn every aspect of that
technology, etc., before it can be used. Again, that can take weeks - or even months, setting your
business behind when you could be utilizing some great new features. Outsourcing allows any new
technology you’re interested in to be installed and implemented right away, because that’s what IT
solutions companies in Tulsa do. Most will pride themselves on being completely up to date with the
latest technology on the market, so if you need something new and innovative installed and managed, it
can get done in a flash, and your business can keep moving forward.
5. Experience is Important
Even if you hire an in-house IT employee, think about this: How much about IT do you actually know? If
you’re not aware of the things that it encompasses, how can you be perfectly sure the person you hired
is? Passing a certification test and showing qualifications is important, yes, but there is something more
important in the world of IT support: Experience. Outsourcing a solutions company will offer years of
combined experience, so nothing will come as a surprise to them, and they can fix any issues you may
have quickly.
Outsourcing to a Tulsa IT support company for your business can be extremely beneficial for many
reasons, as you can see. Whether you want to save money, increase network uptime & security, or want