5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Dog Deal with Fireworks

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With summer just on the horizon you can
pretty much assume that there is going to be
some fireworks coming up too. Not just
because of the 4th of July holiday but
summertime seems to be when fireworks are
at their peak usage. Unfortunately, many
dogs can be alarmed and fearful of the
sharp, abrupt and loud sound that comes
with the spectacle of fireworks. If your dog
is one of these sensitive pups, then NuVet is
here to help with a few things you can do to
help your pooch feel more at ease around
Be Ready
If you know that a fireworks-filled event is
coming to your neighborhood then you might
choose to make this an opportunity to head out
of town and visit some friends or family
away from the fireworks.
It is not always feasible to get away, especially
around the 4th of July but knowing when
fireworks will be coming can also help you do
some of the following things to help prepare
your dog for the noisy festivities.
Create a safe place
Like their distant wolf cousins, dogs are happy to have a den of
their own, which is where they feel safe.
In many homes, dog parents will choose to have a crate or other
space that is just for Fido, which acts like their den. Before the
fireworks start blasting, make sure your dog’s special place is safe
and secure.
This is where you can keep your pooch. It is generally a good idea
to shut out as much of the noise as possible by closing windows or
placing a thick heavy blanket over your dog’s crate.
Maybe even try to procure some harp music to play as dogs have
been shown to enjoy harp music.
Try and stay calm for Fido. Chances are you might become
agitated knowing your pup is going to be uncomfortable.
Remember Fido can sense this and you don’t want him to feel any
more fear.