5 Top Reasons Why Your Spa Needs a Mobile App

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5 Top Reasons Why Your Spa Needs a
Mobile App
By: SnapLion
It's time to transform your Spa Marketing!

Mobile App: Building a loyal and highly profitable spa clientele is just so darn easy!
When we speak to spa owners about how they get new customers, most say email blasts to
rented/purchased lists, flyers, billboards and group-buying websites. These are a few marketing
methods (of course, obsolete now), which most spa owners resort to hoping that these would
resonate with that needle in the haystack.
With interruption marketing getting redundant over time and being replaced with permission-based
marketing, the time is right for you not to be disappointed by the anemic response your marketing
efforts fetched so far and rethink your spa marketing strategy.
As interactive mobile technologies continue to steal thunder from other marketing techniques, utilizing
this new heavyweight champ of the marketing world - Mobile - is a great way to enhance the guest
experience, increase visit frequency and drive revenues of your spa.
A spa serves as a perfect getaway from the humdrum of our chock-a- block everyday life. Soothing
music, exotic ambiance, aroma of essential oils help guests to let loose, indulge and enjoy the
serenity and pleasure. As guests continue to embrace the ever evolving technologies, your spa can
be left behind if you fail to evolve. That's where a fantastic spa app comes in and offers them
enhanced guest experience.
So, are you ready to make a WOW! investment into the future of your spa? Read on friends to find
out why your spa needs a mobile app.

1. Multitasking Enabled, Increased Revenues
Your client is on a lunch break. In this leisure time, while s/he sips green tea and prods his/her
smartphone (the device that we all obsessively clutch these days!), why not let your spa mobile app
allow him/her to multitask and make it easy for him/her to take an advance spa reservation; browse
your treatments/therapies list; visit your galleries/music; avail offers and utility services. These
multitasking abilities enabled on your spa app will offer high convenience quotient to your guests and
dramatically increase reservations and revenue at your spa. Besides giving a boost to bookings, your
mobile app will also help you even out demand and ensure better staffing.

2. Social Collaboration, Go VIRAL
You can transform your guests into mini-relays through social sharing feature enabled on your mobile
app. Use your mobile app to build a community and empower them to share your specials, offers or
even their visit experiences on Facebook or Twitter. Your mobile app serves as a great social
collaboration avenue for your clients and share their opinions/feedback about their spa experiences.
This facilitates easy customer involvement with your spa thereby helping it go VIRAL.

3. Empowered Client, Happy Client, More Visits
An empowered client means a happy client, you know it already! A mobile app helps your clients "take
action in their immediate context and moments of need." This not only establishes a rich connection
between your clients and spa, but also deepens it considerably. It's vital to understand that acquiring
a new customer is 10x expensive than retaining the one. If your mobile app is sticky and packed with
innovative and interactive features such as social wall, one-touch reservations, push notifications
coupled with incentivized loyalty programs and offers, your clients feel empowered and rummaging
through your app would be a delightful experience for them. Your satisfied and happy clients are more
likely to pay you more repeat visits thereby boosting your revenues manifold. In addition, these
delighted customers do word of mouth marketing for you as your brand evangelists within their social
networks and bringing in a new brigade of clients at your spa.
4. Extended Customer Benefits, No Unpopular Time Slots
Enticing offers and discounts are a great way to combat unpopular/slow time slots. You can use push
notifications to nudge all your app users about your upcoming/running offers or discounts at a
convenient time. The guests will appreciate your special offers on receiving the push notifications and
feel valued. This is a great way to transform every day into the best day of the week and augment
conversions. More weekly appointment totals, increased lifetime value of your client!
5. Client Behavior Tracked, Deeper Connections Established
Your mobile app offers you great information about your customer behavior and opinion. You unravel
the browsing preferences, piece of information they like more and accordingly, you channelize your
efforts to improve your spa offerings. You also get genuine feedback from them on your fan wall that
gives you a deep insight about their likes/dislikes for your varied treatments, offers and utility services.