6 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a New Display

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6 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a New Display
Make sure your showcase is worth attending by avoiding some common
mistakes that companies often make.
Make sure that you use only the best materials for your display. Make the
necessary repairs between events so your materials won't look battered.
Use graphics that suggest professionalism, good judgment and strong
organizational skills.
Large amounts of text will make your display look visually cluttered. Keep your
text short and meaningful and deliver info with images instead.
Your staff should be trained to listen careful y to customers and to match your
products and services to their needs.
Promote in any way you can: via email, text messages, social media,
advertisements, press release and even coupons to encourage customers to visit
your display.
Follow up with the leads that you gather at the trade show. Your customers
should leave expecting to hear from you within a reasonable timeframe.
Follow these tips and produce a booth with true visual appeal, populated with
visitors, and generate productive leads.
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