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The Future of Mobile Services - making connections -Tom Curran Commercialisation ManagerThe Centre for Converged Services (3CS)3CS ServicesKnowledge transfersConsultingLicenses Bringing knowledge toRegion e.g. EU projectsContract R&DVouchers – small problem solving projects3CSPublic space e.g. IMS-ARCSSpin-outsLinking with entrepreneurial Bringing cashProgrammes e.g. EPPto the regionLocal employmentInnovation Attraction of people / Partnerscompanies to the regionServices to Industry• Innovation Vouchers (Irish companies only):– Short problem solving projects for Irish companies – supported by EI.– 52 voucher projects completed over the past three years.– Vouchers are €5K or €10K matched • Contract Research – 3CS undertake R&D directly for company.– e.g. Eircom, Columba Global Systems, TCH.– Projects are typically €10K to €100K in size.– But can be any size.Innovation Partners• Collaborative Project with Irish located company and TSSG/3CS.– Addressing an significant R&D challenge for the company.– TSSG/3CS does the R&D for the company contracted by:– The company 20%-45% of the costs.– And Enterprise Ireland 80% - 65% of the costs.– Project size €100K to €250 K.Other Services to Industry• NGN Test Centre:– A production quality NGN Test Centre.– Globally available, with global connectivity.– Includes an IMS Core.– Is open for business.• Collaborative EU R&D:– Partner with TSSG/3CS to access trans-European R&D networks.– Applied R&D looking 3-5 years into the future.– Work as part of a large consortium led by the TSSG.– e.g. T-Systems, Vodafone, Telefonica, Telcom Italia.Thank Youfor further details, please ensure you’ve completed the expression of interest forms.Tom CurranCommercialisation Manager – The Centre for Converged Services (3CS)Phone +353 51 845699Web www.tssg.org / www.3CS.info