7 Peruvian Favorites to Try in Lima

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Just like the country itself, Peruvian food is a mix
of different things and different flavours. It is
often a juxtaposition of things you wouldn’t think
would work together, starchy and spicy, rich and
tart, robust and delicate. Apart from the fantastic
sights and experiences in the country, Peruvian
food is an experience all to itself. When you find
yourself in one of the many restaurants in Lima,
Peru these are the dishes you really need to try.
This is a given. Nothing says Peruvian cuisine like
ceviche. While chefs and cooks the world over have
added their own twists to the dish, authentic
Peruvian ceviche is essentially made up of 5
ingredients: sea bass, lime juice, salt, onion and aji
chili. The fish is marinated in the acidic mix for just
minutes, firming up the flesh of the fish without
actually cooking it with the acid. An oddly perfect
side to the dish is sweet potato. You wouldn’t
expect it, but the sweet potato is the perfect starch
to pair with the dish. Like most boutique hotels
Lima hotels will most likely have a version of this, so
you can start from there.